Enduring Freedom

Honor, duty, loyalty, integrity, respect, selfless service – these core values of military service are also the foundation of a successful society. Oklahomans take great pride in the thousands upon thousands of men and women who stand ready at any moment to protect and defend us locally or globally if threatened by Natural disaster or international or domestic foes, or other emergency situations.

Oklahoma values demand that the state stands by our brave neighborsand ensure that our policies will compassionately support their families, our six Oklahoma military posts and seven Army and Air National Guard units. To that end, the E Foundation of Oklahoma is creating an implementable plan   to ensure our communities are BRAC ready and can successfully compete with communities across the nation, our delivery of service leads the nation in supporting our veterans and their needs from the sacrifices they have made, our state leadership is aligned with military leadership on a strategic plan, and finally, that Oklahoma becomes a destination for the defense industry and the economic impact that will bring to the state.

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The Six Pillars

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