As a state, our education system is tasked with teaching young minds to reason, understand, and communicate ideas and concepts to explore worlds past, present, and future and to look inward to discover one's self.  Education is an investment in the classroom and beyond which is returned through talented Oklahomans ready to contribute to their community – through the workforce, their family, and civic engagement. We must constantly evaluate our education commitments, priorities, and innovations and remember that learning is foundational to life. By looking at what other states are doing well, we strive to benchmark a path to educational success to become a top ranking state.

Oklahoma’s position must be in the top ten states when ranking educational outcomes. To ensure a bright future, the state of Oklahoma deserves no less than a premier education system. Therefore, the E Foundation endeavours to identify actionable pathways to lead Oklahoma’s parents and children from our current national ranking to the top in the country.

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A key component of E Foundation will be gathering input from Oklahomans all over the state – and that means you.
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